Call for submissions

Have your say on the future of reporting

The NPR Framework is undergoing a major review of its scope, reporting themes and indicators.

The open submissions process is an opportunity to have your say on the future of reporting under the Framework and the type of data and information it collects.

Scope of the review

The indicator review will consider:

Why report the data and information – Alignment with the Framework’s objectives and user needs

What should be reported – Reporting themes, indicators and indicator definition

Who should report data and information – Participation and thresholds for reporting

How should the data be reported – Alignment with jurisdictional reporting practices

Quality – Understanding the processes and practices required to manage data quality risks.

Direct comment on individual indicators, including their definition and issues with their interpretation, should be made through the NPR indicator survey. Details of the survey will be published on the review website in the coming days.

Make a submission

Submissions are now open and will close Friday 19 February 2021.

Any individual or organisation wishing to make a submission should download a copy of the submissions guide. The guide details:

  • the background and scope of the review
  • the submission process
  • key issues for consideration in submissions.

Download the NPR indicator review submissions guide

Preparing a submission

Submissions should take the form of a letter outlining your views on one or more of the issues identified in the key issues section of this call for submissions. Where appropriate, please provide relevant documentation to support the views or observations being expressed.

While submissions may include issues not directly covered by the issues identified in the submissions guide, respondents are reminded to ensure that submissions are directly relevant to the scope of the review.

Please indicate whether the views reflected in your submission are yours personally or reflective of, and endorsed by, your organisation.

All submissions relevant to the review will be published on the review website within three business days of their receipt.

All submissions will be considered public unless clearly designated as confidential by the author(s). Confidential submissions will not be published.

Copyright for a submission will reside with its author(s).

Submissions should be in an MS Word or PDF format and contain no track changes, comments or other editing mark-up.

Lodging a submission

Submissions should be emailed to the review team using the email address.


Questions on submissions and the submissions process should be sent to the

Questions on the NPR Framework should be sent to Bureau of Meteorology