NPR Indicator Review Update

Next steps

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a response to the draft NPR indicator recommendations paper. We have had a good response from stakeholders, and these submissions will support the development of the final recommendations. The Bureau of Meteorology is in the process of developing an Implementation Roadmap. It will outline a phased and adaptive approach, introducing new indicators, definitions or reporting partners in a practical manner.

We will be working to prepare a final 2022–23 indicator handbook that focuses on implementing the supported changes for the upcoming year. For example, the deletion of indicators, or small definition changes. The new year will see a focus on indicator definitions. For new indicators, this means continuing to work across jurisdictions to develop accepted definitions and supporting notes, while for existing indicators this means continuing to address clarity and inconsistency issues. Larger changes that require more time will be investigated for implementation in the 2023–24 period.

Once again a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to date, have a great Christmas and we look forward to continuing the review activities in 2022.