NPR indicator survey

Diving into the detail

The indicator survey is an opportunity to provide detailed feedback on the existing set of NPR indicators, their definitions and any other issues that impact on their usage.

The survey is separate from the open submissions process.

The survey will support the bottom-up review of the existing indicators and support an understanding of how the existing indicator set is meeting the Framework's refreshed vision and objectives. The submissions process is seeking feedback on the big picture, to support a top-down identification of enduring nationally relevant themes, indicators and outcomes.

About the indicator survey

The survey covers all indicators and seeks detailed feedback on:

  • the definition of the indicator and any issues with it
  • the usefulness/value of the indicator
  • issues with the method of calculation
  • the availability of data to report on the indicator
  • issues relating to the quality of the data being reported
  • the relevance of the indicator to users
  • the ability to audit the indicator (where required)
  • the alignment of the indicator with other reporting activities.

How can I respond to the survey?

Surveys will be sent out through jurisdictional representatives and circulated to utilities and other users of the NPR.

If you wish to provide your own individual response to the survey please request a copy by contacting the HARC review team at

All survey responses will be considered public unless clearly designated as confidential. Confidential responses will not be published.


Questions on the survey and response process should be sent to the HARC review team at

Questions on the NPR Framework or Indicator review can be sent to the Bureau of Meteorology review team at